About Me:

T.R.O. Publishing (www.theriftonline.com)
2009 – Present
Interior/ Cover Illustrations

Zeitgeyser LLC (www.conquesttactics.com)
April – Present
Conquest Tactics Trade Card Game
Card Illustrations

Shock Totem Magazine
May 2012
Book Cover (James Newman's The Wicked Re-Issue)

Avalanche Comics Entertainment (www.gorfy.com)
Summer 2009-2010
Concept Color Work

Maxwell’s Demon (www.maxwellsdemon.com)
Album Cover

Paradox Magazine Issue 9
Summer 2006
Interior Illustration

Dark Chylde (Lycanine Album) Durban, South Africa
July 2004
CD Front Cover Illustration

Flesh and Blood Magazine 15th ed. Bayville, NJ, USA
June 2004
Interior Illustration

University of Copenhagen, Denmark
May 2004
Student Massive Multiplayer Game...